Don't forget the sunscreen!

With the weather set to top 22 degrees this week – make sure you look after your skin…

Sunscreen Sun Cream

Wear Factor 50 this week to protect your skin!

As we prepare for a very welcome nationwide heatwave that will bring temperatures of 22oC, it’s important to enjoy this fantastic weather with your skin health in mind.

This is especially the case if you are wanting to book in for some laser or IPL treatment in the coming weeks. If this is the case, I would recommend you use SPF 50 and wear a wide brim hat to prevent getting any sun on your skin, as this would prevent treatment as an active suntan means your treatment would have to be postponed.

If you are looking for a specific sun cream, I would recommend Ultrasun, particularly the anti pigmentation SPF50 for those prone to pigmentation conditions as it delivers a dermatologically test result that protects. This is something you can wear either under make-up in place of moisturiser or as a stand-alone product.

Should you wish to purchase any from me, do let me know either by text, email or via my social channels on Facebook or Instagram

So do keep your skin safe from the sun, even though it’s still spring!

– Kathryn Lolley, Director of Mode Laser Skin Clinic

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